The Creator, The Warrior, The Leader 

Hi there! I'm Amanda. Owner, creative director, and one of the many minds behind Emyrge Tech's brand. 

I am an East Coast Native born in Connecticut and spent most of my childhood watching my parents build and maintain a successful business as a team. At the age of 6, we left America, where my parents, Madeline and Vito, raised me on a sailboat while traveling across the world. I was homeschooled while my family and I were traveling and eventually, at the age of ten, became enrolled in middle school when my family settled in New Zealand. 

The school I attended offered programs like Social Enterprise that encouraged us to use our entrepreneurial minds by submitting an executed business plan to the annual BP project. The project took place over two semesters; our teachers split us into groups and directed the students to work as a team to craft a business plan centered around helping the community. We then were required to execute it by reaching out to local businesses and traders in the local town to donate items necessary for the project and then finally submit it to the judges after the semester. My team hand-built a miniature BP gas station and presented it to an underprivileged elementary school in our town. We placed 3rd in the country. It was then that I realized my passion for business and leadership. Simultaneously my parents opened Organic Gourmet in the small town they lived in, Keri Keri. I began helping them with various items in the store, stocking, the cash register and even assisted them in creating their name and logo. 

When my family decided to move back to America, I entered my teen years and enrolled in the local high school. Throughout my high school career, I held several jobs, including managing an ice-cream shop and hostessing. Upon graduating, I decided college was not for me and moved to Los Angeles to explore alternative paths for my life and to live with my long-distance boyfriend Jazz. I began working as a full-time lead hostess in a local, high-volume seafood restaurant, and after a year of employment, the company promoted me to a management role. Over the five years of my career, I was lucky to have ownership coach me in different management styles, business/legal filings, event management, accounting, HR, marketing, and brand development. 

After losing my mother to cancer in 2019 and the pandemic sweeping the world in 2020, I began contemplating the next move in my life. I reached out to my father for advice and, without realizing it, began planting the seeds for what would eventually become the apex of my young adult life. Finally, after a year of brand research and development, product testing, and planning, Jazz and I decided to take a leap of faith. We quit our jobs, uprooted our lives, and moved to Las Vegas, Nevada, to launch Emyrge Tech. 

Being promoted into a management position at the ripe age of 20, I faced challenges I never thought I would overcome. Additionally, being both young and a woman, I fought for my respect from staff and guests alike, overcame personal challenges of growing into adulthood, and navigated the cruel world of business. Now at 25, launching a woman-owned, family-operated business means Emyrging into my personal power and allowing you all to do the same with me.