Emyrge Tech is a family-owned & operated wearable technology company based in Las Vegas, Nevada. Our collective goal as a business is to give everyone access to the wearable-tech world of convenience by bringing you affordable and self-tested products, while remaining environmentally friendly.

Our collections are hand-picked from thousands of tech items available on the market so we can ensure you're receiving actual value for your money. Our brand empowers you to thrive by taking the small challenges out of your everyday life and letting our products enhance your life.

EmYrge into your best self, without all the hassle. 

Shop Small

Buying from us means you're buying from real people. We arent a tech conglomorate, we are a small family run company. When you call: we answer, when you email: we respond and when you buy from us: we may or may not do a little happy dance.

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Emyrge Recycle Program

We like our Earth the way it is: green. So we try to be that way also. We dont want your unusable products sitting in landfills. Each of our orders comes with a USPS priority mail envelope that can be used to send back any of your unused or broken devices for proper disposal. In addition, if you return or exchange a watch and it is unusable we ensure they are safetly recycled or repurposed.

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Research & Testing

We spend weeks researching and testing your products before we list them for sale so we can guarantee you're getting the best quality for your money. We want you to be happy and we want your life to be easier. So we make sure every order we send out is up to your standards.

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