Our Novice Collection is practical, accessible, and perfect for everyday use without all the frills. Our goal is for our starter smartwatch to be something simple. So we created the Novice Collection; while still rich with features like vitals monitoring, the ability to screen calls and read texts/notifications, is stripped down to the necessities. This collection is everyone's smartwatch, from fifteen to fifty, student or connoisseur; we created a collection everyone can benefit from. 


    Sports Modes

    Emyrge Tech understands the importance of staying active in a modern world; so we selected watches that give you the freedom to track activity performance from biking to badminton.

    Customizable Faces

    Our watches all come preprogrammed with numerous faces and dials to choose from. The Noble's and the Metro's come equipped with the ability to customize watch faces with personal photographs and images.

    Vitals analysis

    Our watches keep a 24 hour analysis of your heart rate and other vitals such as SPO2 (blood oxygen levels), analytical blood pressure, steps and calories-burnt to ensure you're always getting consistent health data.

    Renew Reuse Recycle
    Emyrge recycle program
    Emryge Techs effort to reduce waste in the tech world starts with you.
    Every order receives a USPS priority shipping envelope for you to return your unused and broken smart devices for proper recycling.
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